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Nirbhay Parmar

Software developer & student

I am currently in my 4th year of engineering in Information and Communication Technology from Pandit Deendayal Energy University. I am a web developer and aspire to be a good software developer. I know C++ and do Data Structures and Algorithm problems on GFG and Hackerrank to improve my problem-solving skills.

I love to write technical blogs on my handle, which is viewed by more than 5000 people online. I want to help the community by contributing to open-source software projects. I am also part of our college's NCC unit in which we participate in drill practise every Friday. NCC helps me in enhancing my mental and physical strength. NCC also develops team working skills.

Apart from it, I am a vivid reader. I love to read science magazines like safari in Gujarati and natural geographic magazine. I also love to read Hindi and Gujarati novels.

My Certificates

Interactivity with JavaScript
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Introduction to CSS3
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Introduction to HTML5
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Introduction to Cloud by IBM
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The Joy of Computing Using Python by NPTEL
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Learning how to learn
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Programming languages and tools I know

My projects

This is a open source css gradient background generator. Hope it will help the community to get a beautiful background in just one click. The dynamic gradient backgroundIt is based on generating css from javascript dom manipulation. The randomaly generated background is based on using inbuilt random function present in JavaScript and used it to generate hex codes for colors and make it work.
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A cool random number generator that changes background gradient everytime you use. It generate a random number between 0 to 1000. It uses the inbuilt random function of JavaScript. Initialy I want to write my own random function in JavaScript using XORshift Algorithm but I won't be able to do it so I build this using inbuilt random function instead.
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This website (off course 😊)
This website (which you are currently looking) is built from scratch without using any CSS framworks. I built this website by taking taking inspiration from Kevin Powell's video on responsive navbar and by adding my own little changes to it.
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